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At The Wooden Wish, we specialize in the use of urban reclaimed wood.  Urban reclaimed wood is trees that have been removed from municipalities each year due to construction, weather damage, insects, or disease.

Instead of being converted to wood chips or firewood, Mark Stephens, a Colorado wood craftsman, is turning the unique pieces into wood art. Urban wood lumber is a plentiful, local, and renewable resource with unusual design characteristics.

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“Is urban wood different from traditional wood?”

Each tree is unique to its location and environment, creating a beautifully unique character to the wood that tells the tale of the trees life.

Master wood craftsman, Mark Stephens at The Wooden Wish, is handcrafting this beautiful urban wood into one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

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Urban trees vary significantly due to their unpredictable environments.  Unlike managed timber, no two trees, or boards of lumber look alike. Their height and width can vary dramatically.

Each piece of urban wood has a story, trees connected to local history; for decades, each tree was a natural fixture in a park, along a street, in a backyard, or alongside a business. If the urban wood could talk?

Urban wood annual tree plantings are much higher than the number of trees removed. Therefore, urban wood makes the perfect renewable resource to add a touch of beauty to your home and help save the planet.

So what is your favorite wood?

Sassafras wood is a pleasant fragrant wood that smells like root beer when it is freshly cut.  Open grain, lighter version of an oak.  Sassafras wood used by wood craftsmen for centuries has legend and lore attached.  Sassafras is used to make furniture, small boats, canoes, bedsteads, and flooring, help keep away evil spirits.  It is a durable, stable and wood, shock resistance, and wood stains and finishes well.

Sassafras has a variety of names, from cinnamon wood to red sassafras to golden elm and saxifraxtree.  The names most likely reference the vibrant orange and crimson colors that the leaves turn to in autumn.  Imagine the beautiful richness of a sassafras wood table inlaid with semi-precious stones, or an abstract piece of wood created into a pleasing shape bringing out the natural beauty of the wood displayed prominently in your home.

Grandma’s Old Tree In The Back Yard Fell, How Can I Preserve It? 

How About A Rocking Chair Or Dining Room Table?

Together we can create a family heirloom Masterpiece – Give Me A Call 720-413-1648

At The Wooden Wish, we have a reverence for urban recycled wood and passion for fishing a.  Each piece tells its story. – While I was fishing one day, I had an idea to create a line of fishing accessories.  I thought about landing nets, and pole tubes, rod canisters, rod racks, and fly boxes combining my love of fishing and my love for woodworking.

My favorite wood designer is Sam Maloofa a master woodworker and craftsman, who produced some of the most stunning furniture in America.  He is famous for rocking chairs.

The fluid sculptural style is unparalleled by any other contemporary designer, uniquely recognized by a MacArthur Genius Grant.

Mastercraftsman - Mark Stephens For Over Forty Years Has Been Crafting Museum Quality Furniture.

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