Shop unique, functional art in recycled urban wood, handmade furniture, Inlayed woods, marquetry from master craftsman & woodworker, Mark Stephens, The Wooden Wish, Parker, CO

Wood Repairs and Restoration

Sometimes that neglected battered rocking chair or child’s highchair sitting in the basement is an heirloom collector’s piece waiting patiently for resurrection as an heirloom family treasure to be passed down from generation to generation.

Bring That Battered Highchair Back to Life With A Restoration from The Wooden Wish

Contact the Wooden wish to restore your heirloom wooden family treasures 720-413-1648.


At The Wooden Wish, we hand-select the happiest urban wood, manipulate it with love and care, and deliver finished heirloom pieces to our satisfied clients.  Would you like to be our next satisfied client?


Master craftsman, woodworker, Mark Stephens, Dry-fly Mark, The Wooden Wish, Parker, Colorado makes handmade functional art in recycled urban wood, tables, chairs, urban wood conference tables, marquetry,  and unique, Eco-clear, handcrafted landing nets, ECO-CLEAR NETS,  Outdoor fishing accessories

Mastercraftsman - Mark Stephens For Over Forty Years Has Been Crafting Museum Quality Furniture.

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