A wooden stump with a young seedling growing out of the center of a piece of wood Mark Stephens of the Wooden Wish provides heirloom pieces from pieces of reclaimed wood

Sustainability is a word we frequently use to describe maintaining the earth for the future. We use this wood to describe different aspects of life.
The purpose of this article will describe our impact on Mother Earth.


Sustainability is a chain and not the end game. We contend that society looks at the end game without searching its history.

At the Wooden Wish, we give Mother Earth a value above our own. We will do our best to use the “Throwaway” resources to create “Heirloom” or pass on pieces. We use Urban Reclaimed and Natural Reclaimed resources for nearly all our landing nets, boxes, and Heirloom furniture.

Some misconceptions are floating around about what is and are not sustainable. It will be my endeavor over the next years to follow the chain and educate on the viability of some of these misconceptions, while at the same time create sustainable wood fishing gear, art pieces, and Heirloom furniture. Many sustainable pieces of wood will have a relatable and historical back story.

You will find our pieces produced with Urban Reclaimed wood. Urban reclaimed wood is wood that has been salvaged from urban areas across the United States due to safety reasons, urban growth, and management of municipal lands. Some of our lumber stock is from small stands reclaimed due to natural die off or to control disease or pests on family farms. Reclaimed wood from state and national forests due to disease and pests make beautiful pieces of wood art and furniture. Disease and pests can add unbelievable character to some woods, but that’s a topic for another time.

Shop unique, eco-clear, handcrafted landing nets, ECO-CLEAR NETS, Outdoor fishing accessories from Urban wood.  Urban wood creates one-of-a-kind home products.  Master craftsman,woodworker, Mark Stephens, The Wooden Wish, Parker, CO.


Reclaimed wood from a family farm, urban setting, or forest die-off will have a chain of custody that we will strive to incorporate in any piece of wood that goes into one of our fishing nets or rocking chairs. Sometimes that chain of custody leads back to a historical or deeply personal story such as a deadfall on a prominent battlefield or fort from our history or a tree planted by a Great Grandfather that has just seen its day. These stories passed on through a custom-made dining table, or rocking chair, or piece of wood art from one of these trees will live on in your story.

The Wooden Wish specializes in utilizing reclaimed wood.  Sustainability is important to our future generations.  To learn more or work together to design that special piece get in touch.  We are located in Colorado.  Get in touch.

Phone:  720-413-1648 or email Mark@TheWoodenWish.com


Mark Stephens – Master Craftsman

Master wood craftsman, Mark Stephens at The Wooden Wish, is handcrafting this beautiful urban wood into one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

“Reclaiming and recycling Urban wood into handcrafted heirloom art is part of the Wooden Wishes’ commitment to creating a sustainable urban forest to provide a sustainable renewable resource for our children for generations to come.“

Visit The Wooden Wishes workshop and see why households and collector’s have made Marks furniture and wood art part of their homes.

Mastercraftsman - Mark Stephens For Over Forty Years Has Been Crafting Museum Quality Furniture.

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