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Dry-fly Mark

Mark Stephens is a master craftsman who has designed and built the most exquisite custom wooden furniture.  Built-in cabinets with inlay marquetry, traditional urban wood rocking chairs, tables with turquoise, and semiprecious stone inlay, staircases, fireplace hearths, and stunning sculptural functional art from fishing nets to pole boxes for over 35+ years in Colorado.

Mark enjoys commissioned work and collaborating with his clients to create the finest handmade timeless heirloom pieces.

Marks master craftsman eye allows the natural beauty of the wood to shine through.

Mark’s passion for woodworking began in Missouri as a young boy fascinated with different types of wood.  In his junior year of high school, Mark went to work for a carpet company and was introduced to a woodworking and flooring company that taught him the tools of the trade.  Hooked, he opened for business.  Mark’s wife Beverly explains, “When we see a wood board, it’s a wood board; Mark can visualize that same piece of wood into a stunning piece of art.  Mark recently purchased a large piece of walnut; he sees a rocking chair emerging from the large trunk.”

“As a boy, I whittled away hours in the woods.”  Much of that time was spent looking at and studying the differences and nuances of trees.  The fascinating shapes of trunks, knots, burls, and imperfections kindled my passion for the hidden fire and life in wood.”

Mark believes that there must be one imperfection in every piece of wood to make it unique.  The one flaw is where the bad spirit comes out, and the wooden art story begins.  Mark shapes each piece molding into a masterpiece that is hand-oiled with tender loving care.

“As I aged, my interest grew. I began to study the tools and techniques used to bring out the inherent beauty that Mother Nature endowed these trees with. Over time I  developed an eye to see the hidden beauty and a touch to bring the woods spirit to life.”

Marks hands and fingers are his favorite woodworking tools.  He doesn’t take a piece of wood and send it through a planer, saw it up, and come up with something.  Each piece envisioned first. “I find what makes the vision work then I create the vision.”  He won’t stick a piece of oak with a piece of walnut; he stays true to the wood.

“I use craftsmanship and old-world traditional techniques and tools, along with new world tools.  I use these to bring wood to life and create heirloom pieces for a discerning clientele.”

Creating wooden furniture and art is what gets Mark up in the morning; his passion keeps him working late at night until the story of the pieces emerges reborn.

At The Wooden Wish, we hand-select the happiest urban wood, manipulate it with love and care, and deliver finished heirloom pieces to our satisfied clients.  Would you like to be our next satisfied client?

Do you have a passion for owning handcrafted wood pieces?  Contact us at 720-413-1648