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“Is urban wood different from traditional wood?”

RECLAIMING URBAN wood AND COMMUNITY TREES gain A SECOND LIFE, from traditional classic American craftsman furniture to modern office conference tables.  One-of-a-kind sustainable art pieces to share with generations to come.

“Reclaiming and recycling Urban wood into handcrafted heirloom art is part of the Wooden Wishes’ commitment to creating a sustainable urban forest to provide a sustainable renewable resource for our children for generations to come.“

“Is urban wood different from traditional wood?”


Each tree is unique to its location and environment, creating a beautifully unique character to the wood that tells the tale of the trees life.

Do you have a piece of imperfect wood or precious stones that you would like made into a piece of wood art?  Give me a call 720-413-1648.

Grandma’s old tree came down, and a beautiful hand-crafted outdoor Rocker emerged, an heirloom to be passed down through generations. 

Do you have an old piece of wood waiting to transform into another object of beauty?  Contact Mark Stephens at The Wooden Wish to collaborate call 720-413-1648

Urban wood is reclaimed and recycled to beautify your home in a sustainable way that helps our environment.

Mark Stephens’ Portfolio at the Wooden Wish

Handcrafted. Made Just For You To Share With Your Friends.  One-of-a-kind, solid reclaimed wood handcrafted dining tables made for your home or business.

Giving recycled urban wood with a storied past a new life as unique  furniture


How To Buy Mark Stephens Furniture

Customers of all types can access the handmade furniture and sculptures by Mark Stephens directly from our Studio workshop at The Wooden Wish in Parker, Colorado.

Whether you are a Homeowner, Design Professional, Business, or an Institution, we are committed to personal service.  Need that one special wooden piece, a table and chair set, a unique design of wood art?  We believe when buying our one-of-a-kind furniture, or unique sculptures, if it’s anything, it should be personal.

“If you are an Architect or Interior Design professional who has an interest in having a special one-of-a kind-piece of urban wood furniture in your next project, please complete the following information request form.”

If you like to work online, please fill out the form below so we may best serve you. If you prefer a more direct approach feel free to call us.  We will do our best to create and help you acquire just the right piece/pieces. 720-413-1648

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